Living In A Pandemic Bubble On Kauai, Hawaii

Queens Bath - Kauai Pandemic Bubble

I feel like I am living in a pandemic bubble on Kauai. While the world continues to fight off the Corona Virus and the economy is at its breaking point, time seems to have slowed to a crawl on this little island in the Pacific. Our last confirmed case of Covid-19 was April 5th, bringing the total to 20. Our Governor and Mayor are very slowly and cautiously reopening aspects of society to residents, but the fear of allowing visitors back to the islands is visceral. Currently we have a 14-day quarantine for anyone (visitor or resident) arriving in Hawaii and vacation rentals are banned from operating. This, of course, breaks my heart as I have had to reschedule or refund 15 reservations so far. Waiting to hear each month if there is going to be another extension is stressful, to say the least.

It is hard for me to do what many here are doing, and that is to take advantage of this time to enjoy the island without crowds. The underlying reason always seems to crop up in my psyche. But, I will admit that not having helicopters and sightseeing airplanes flying overhead makes for some quiet and peaceful days. Being able to plan a trip to Lihue without considering Kapaa traffic is refreshing. And, quickly finding a parking space right in front of Foodland is Heaven! Yes, there are some advantages to having fewer people around.

The beaches are pretty idyllic as well. One trip to Ke’e found us at the end of the road sharing one of the most popular Kauai beaches with one woman and her son. Earlier Tom and I walked the stretch of Tunnels Beach passing a handful of people. SeaLodge Beach is generally empty and today we hiked down to Queen’s Bath (photo above) to find three local people searching for Opihi (Hawaiian shellfish) on the rocks. Yes, a few more people arrived before we left, but nothing like the numbers that are normally there when it is open.

The Hawaiian sea turtles were in abundance along the rocks and reef edge eating the algae that grows there:

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New Drone Videos Of Honu Point Vacation Rental – Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai Vacation Rental at Honu Point

Most summers our friends from San Diego visit the island and bring their drone along. This summer Honu Point was open for a few nights so we spent the late afternoon together swimming in the pool and watching the sunset. During these times Dave shot several drone videos of the property.

If you have been a guest at Honu Point, these just might make you want to book another stay. If you are scheduled to come within the next year, here’s a taste of where you will be. Enjoy!

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Another Drop Dead Gorgeous Winter Day in Princeville, Kauai

Nesting Albatross - Princeville - Kauai

Yes, today was another drop dead gorgeous winter day in Princeville, Kauai; warm temperatures, clear skies and a slight breeze. From the lush, green mountains to the white water swells I just had to share. This video was taken by me at the end of our peninsula.

And, just to add some excitement to the spender, we have at least four albatross nests within five houses of our property. One parent stays on the nest while the partner goes off for food. Then they exchange places. This continues until the chick emerges from its shell and is old enough to stay warm without them. Princeville is the only place in the world where albatross nest among people!!

Nesting Albatross - Princeville - Kauai

Nesting Albatross - Princeville - Kauai

To highlight the day, as I was wandering around taking photos, I caught two young albatross trying to “hook up” with each other. Enjoy the dance (be sure to have your volume on).

These magnificent birds stay in the neighborhood until their chicks fledge in July. They definitely add to the enjoyment of a winter or spring vacation on Kauai. Come stay at Honu Point and you, too, will be able to have this “bird’s eye” view.

For more detailed information about the Laysan albatross, see my previous blog written one month ago when I was anxiously awaiting their arrival.

What To See In Kauai – Laysan Albatross on Kaweonui Road – Princeville

Albatross On Kaweonui Road - Princeville

I can hardly wait for the Laysan albatross to arrive back on Kaweonui Road in Princeville. It should be any day now and it is SO exciting when the first one appears overhead. Every year since the late 70s the north and west shores of Kauai have been home to these amazing birds. The Laysan albatross fly south from Alaska during the month of November and arrive on island to mate and have their young.

It is an exciting time of year for our Princeville neighborhood. This is because when chicks are born on island they are tagged and named by the resident whose yard was home to the newborn. Neighbors anxiously await to see which adult birds have survived the summer and fall months. The fledglings return to where they were born after three to four years of exploring the ocean. Once back on island albatross couples build their nests in our neighbor’s front and back yards. It is here that the females lay their nine ounce eggs. In 2016 we had five eggs hatch within a block of Honu Point. The parents take turns sitting on the egg for close to two months until the chick “pips” his/her way out.

During their time off of the nest the adult birds are searching for food, socializing with others or soaring on the wind currents right in front of Honu Point. These magnificent birds have a wing span of up to seven feet and they glide without hardly flapping their wings. It is a beautiful sight. The three birds here were sitting at the foot of our driveway socializing with many others in the cul-de-sac when I took this photo.

Albatross on Kaweonui Road

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Honu Point Summer Views – Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii

Honu Point Summer Views – Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii

We’ve had magnificent weather on Kauai this summer and it’s producing incredible views from Honu Point Vacation Rental on the north shore of Paradise. I was able to snap a few photos between guests and our two most recent visitors sent me a few more. I couldn’t resist sharing.

The first two were taken by me from the peninsula extending out from our home where one can quite often see honu (Hawaiian sea turtles) feeding and floating in the turquoise water. Bali Hai, at the end of the road, is in the distance.

Princeville Coastline - May 2017

Several evenings produced stunning sunsets from the pool area. No better place to sip your favorite cocktail. The featured photo at the top of this page was taken by Lori Dove, one of our guests.

Sunset Reflection 6-17

We’ve had some needed nighttime and early morning rain which keeps everything green and produces rainbows galore. The first two photos were taken by Rick Little just this last week. The last one is another stunning photo by Lori.

Photo by Rick Little - Honu Point - 7-17

Rainbow by Rick Little - Honu Point - 7-17

Rainbow in July 2017

The good news is that after the rain and sun produced these colorful photo opts, the skies cleared for days of sun and fun in the pool and at the beach. If you’ve booked your stay at Honu Point I’m sorry to say that I can’t promise you this perfect weather pattern while you’re on island, but I can confidently say that you’ll enjoy this part of Paradise no matter what kind of weather we’re having. See you soon!

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Summer Blooms At Kauai Vacation Rental at Honu Point

Ground Orchids - Kauai Vacation Rental

Summer has arrived at Kauai Vacation Rental at Honu Point so I decided to share a few photos and a couple of videos to give you a taste of Paradise. I often hear that Hawaii doesn’t have seasons, but after living in the islands for awhile I beg to differ. Our weather doesn’t change much but our foliage starts showing off in the spring with different species of plants blooming throughout the summer.

Last week I grabbed my iPhone and walked down the driveway. This is what I saw:

Then I walked through the gate to the pool area. It was a fairly windy day (shout out to the trade winds that keep us cool), but, as you can see, our plants tolerate our breezes well. Doing a 360 around the yard I filmed this ;

I realize these videos are a bit amateurish but you get the idea. It was my last chance to film as we are booked solid throughout the rest of the summer. Thank you to our guests!

I snapped a few still photos as well. The plant at the start of this blog is a ground orchid. We have several varieties and colors. Following is a stunning Red Ginger:

Red Ginger - Kauai Vacation Rental

A blossom from the Flame of Jamaica tree:

Flame of Jamaica - Kauai Vacation Rental

A bloom on the Tahatian Tiare plant, part of the gardenia family, with a lovely scent:

Tahitian Tiare - Kauai Vacation Rental

An anthurium, of which we have several varieties and colors:

Anthuriums - Kauai Vacation Rental


Just in time for July 4th, the vibrant Firecracker plant draping over the lava rock wall:

Firecracker - Kauai Vacation Rental

A multi-colored Croton:

Crotons - Kauai Vacation Rental

And, of course, our Red Ti plants:

Red Ti - Kauai Vacation Rental

Many of these tropical plants bloom throughout the year, but when they are all going off together it is an orchestra of color. Add to that our 50 shades of green and there is no question why Kauai is called the Garden Island. We would love for you to come stay at our Kauai vacation rental home and enjoy all of this beauty! You know where to find us. Aloha

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I Got To Play Tourist For A Day On Kauai!

Hanalei Bay Walk

Yes, I got to play tourist for a day because my friend came to visit from Vancouver. So often life gets complicated, even in Paradise, and the only time one stops to “smell the roses” is when a visitor comes to town. I try never to take the beauty of Kauai for granted but, often, I don’t take time to visit some of our wonderfully scenic spots unless I’m acting as a tour guide.

The weather was perfect for a walk on Hanalei Bay. There was a slight ocean swell so some people were getting their first chance to try out surfing. Others were bouncing in the surf or building sand castles at the water’s edge. It was Spring Break so there were a few more people than usual this time of year.

I wanted to take my friend to the Stone Dam on the Wai Koa Loop Trail. We weren’t up for hiking the 5 mile loop which takes about 2.5 hours so I parked at Common Grounds (at the end of Kuawa Road) in Kilauea and we took a short walk to the Kilauea River. This private property is open from 8:00 to dusk. The owners would like you to sign a waiver which can be done at the Mini Golf in front of another entrance to the walk/bike ride loop.

Wai Koa Stone Dam, 2017

Stone Dam 2017

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