Where To buy Fresh Fish To Cook On The North Shore Of Kauai – Hawaii

Kauai Deep Sea Fishing

You have arrived on Kauai and, if you are like most people, you can not wait to barbecue some fresh island fish. Depending on the time of year, you will have a choice of Pacific Blue Marlin, Ahi (yellow fin tuna), Aku (skip jack tuna), Ono (Wahoo), Opah, Sea Bass or, my favorite, Mahi Mahi (dolphin fish or dorado). Most restaurants will offer two, generally Ahi and Mahi Mahi or Ono. But, if you want to buy some to bring home to cook, here are your best options to buy fresh fish between Lihue and Hanalei.

Where to buy fresh fish on Kauai:


Start with Costco. Just about every day you will have a selection of several kinds of raw fish at the best price on the island. As with most things at Costco, however, the fish is packaged in fairly large quantities. If you are looking to feed four or more – no problem. For two people, you might consider buying a slab of fish, cutting it in half, and freezing one half for another night later in your trip. It will be just as tasty the second night you cook it. Or, cook up the whole piece and use the leftovers for fish tacos or wraps the next night.

Just recently, our Costco set up a sushi chef preparation area where you may also purchase fresh sushi daily.

Address: 4300 Nuhou St, Lihue, HI 96766

Phone: (808) 241-4000

The Fish Express

While still in Lihue, check out The Fish Express. Located right across the street from Walmart, this busy place has a small variety of raw fish, as well as a large variety of poke, shrimp and other items from the sea. In addition to seafood, they offer cuts of meat. Daily prepared specials are listed on a placard.

Address: 3-3343 Kuhio Hwy, Lihue, Hawaii 96766

Phone: (808) 245-9918

Hours: Monday through Saturday: 10:00 to 5:00, Sundays, starting March 1, 2020: 10:00 to 2:30 but grill will be closed.

Where to buy fresh fish on Kauai


Most grocery stores on the island will also carry fresh fish. Foodland, in Princeville, generally has quite a good selection (depending on how well the fish are biting). When I am not going to be in Lihue, this is where I buy my fish. They almost always have ahi and marlin. I prefer white fish so I am always on the lookout for Mahi Mahi, Ono, or occasionally Sea Bass. Here one can buy smaller portions to barbecue, fry, or bake. Try coating each serving of fish with olive oil and a combination of panko flakes and finely chopped up macadamia nuts. Then bake at 450 degrees until brown on top. It does not take long to bake and it is so delicious (ono)!

Foodland also features sushi chefs making a variety of fresh sushi for take-out.

The Kilauea Fish Market

Although most people go to this small fish market for prepared food (their fish tacos are the BEST), they do offer a few pieces of high quality fish for you to take home and cook. Located behind the stone building on the left side of Kilauea Road (road to the lighthouse), this popular spot can be quite crowded around lunch time with long wait times. There are a few tables on the covered patio and a couple of picnic tables on the grass where you may “dine in” or wait for your order.

Address: 4270 Kilauea Rd, Kilauea, HI 96754

Phone: (808) 828-6244

Hours: Monday through Saturday 11:00 – 8:00, closed on Sunday.


Best Fish Tacos on Kauai
Best Fish Tacos on Kauai

The Dolphin Fish Market

Just down the hill from Princeville, on the way to Hanalei Town, you will first see the Dophin Restaurant on your right, next to the Hanalei River. Around back is the small Dolphin Fish Market where you will find one of the best selections of raw fish on the north shore.

From their website:

“If ‘Take out’ or ‘cook-your-own’ is where you’re at tonight, then there is no better place to start your meal preparation than the Dolphin Fish Market in Hanalei. Cleaned and cut by master fish cutters you are guaranteed to receive the finest cuts in fish or beef, not to mention specialties like Teriyaki Shrimp, Beef Stix, sushi rolls and fresh sashimi, poke salad, ceviche, seafood chowder, organic salad mixes, squaw bread garlic croutons (a delicious snack themselves) and The Dolphin’s homemade salad dressings.”

They are proud of their offerings as is suggested by their prices, but some people swear you will not find a better piece of fish.

Addriess: Hanalei Dolphin Center, 5-5016 Kuhio Highway, Hanalei

Email: info@hanaleidolphin.com

Phone: (808) 826-6113

fresh fish on kauai

Of course, the best way to ensure that you have fresh fish is to catch it yourself. Check out two fishing charters in the “Sports” category of my blog list. If you happen to see someone along the side of the road selling fresh fish, that is a great way to get yummy fish at a more reasonable price. Wherever you buy your fish and however you cook it, a trip to Kauai is not complete until you have tasted our local fish. Enjoy!

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Kauai Farmers Market On The North Shore – Hawaii

Farmers Markets North Shore Kauai

Whether you live on Kauai, or are visiting the garden island, do not miss a Kauai farmers market held at two venues on the north shore every Saturday morning. At each one you will find the freshest produce and quality products brought to you by the local farmers and merchants of the island. The best, and least abundant items go fast. So, if you are particular, get there when they open for first choice.

Kauai Farmers Market at Hanalei

Opening at 9:30, and running until noon, this Saturday event draws hundreds of people. It is held in an open area just past the town of Hanalei. Parking is along the side of the highway or next to the historic green church (Wai’oli). There are usually parking attendants directing the traffic. Once parked, follow the crowd.

Farmers Markets on Kauai

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Kilauea Market & Cafe Finally Opens! Kauai, Hawaii

Kilauea Market - Kauai

The residents of Kauai’s north shore have been waiting a long time for the Kilauea Market and its adjoining stores to open. Started in 2016, the project ran into planning and road issues, as well as lots of rainy weather (remember the 2018 Kauai Flood?).  So, the opening of the first new shopping center on the north shore in 30 years was delayed for over a year. Last month the North Shore Animal Clinic and the Kilauea Market & Cafe finally opened their doors. It is unclear when the rest of the shopping center, known as “Ahuimanu” will open.

Kilauea Market - Kauai

Tenants who have signed up for space at Ahuimanu include: Grande’s Gems Hawaii, Island Soap & Candle Works, Kai Bar Coffee Roasters, Kauai Boba & BBQ, the Kauai Government Employees Credit Union, Shipwrecked Kauai Lifestyle Boutique and Wyland Galleries. There is also talk of two more sit-down eateries, one offering fine dining.

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PV Eats – Specialty Market & Restaurant Opens On Kauai’s North Shore

PV Eats - Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii

We have been waiting a LONG time to see what was going to take the space of the athletic club in the Prince Golf Clubhouse on the north shore of Kauai. The Prince golf course has been closed for several years and the clubhouse has not been open to the public for the same amount of time. When it became clear that work was being done inside the left-hand side of the building, rumors started circulating that there was going to be a coffee shop and market. Finally, after months of anticipation, two weeks ago PV Eats opened.

PV Eats is far more than a coffee shop and market. Yes, it has a coffee and juice bar. And, yes, it has a market. But this venue also offers a full bar and restaurant with a killer view of the Prince Golf Course.

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Kela’s Glass Gallery – Glass Art Shopping on Kauai, Hawaii

Kela's Glass Gallery - Kauai, Hawaii

For the finest glass art on Kauai, be sure to stop by Kela’s Glass Gallery in Kapaa. Now in their new location across from the Kapaa sports field, Kela’s offers individually, hand-crafted glass made by domestic artists, including 15 from local artists. The owners pride themselves on selling no foreign imports. I stopped by the other day and was blown away by their selection.

Walking through the gallery I was impressed by the variety of glass art. There are glass sculptures, fish and sea life, platters, bowls, paperweights, vases, candles and perfume bottles.

Kela's Glass Gallery - Kauai, Hawaii

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Rent Snorkeling Gear, Kayaks, Paddleboards & Bikes On Kauai – Pedal ‘N Paddle

Rent Snorkeling Gear on Kauai

You have make the long journey to the islands and now you are ready to have fun. If you are staying at Honu Point you will find many pieces of snorkeling gear and other equipment ready for your use in the garage. But, if what is there does not work for you, or you need additional items, Pedal ‘N Paddle in Hanalei is the most convenient place to go to for rentals and sales.

Pedal ‘N Paddle will have all you need for a day at the beach. They carry a wide selection of high quality masks and snorkels, swim goggles, sunglasses, Frisbees, waterproof phone/key cases, waterproof cameras, towels, sunblock, SPF sun shirts, umbrellas and more.

Snorkel Rental

Adult Set (Includes mask, snorkel, fins and mesh bag)     $5.00/day     $20/week

Kid Set     $4.00/day     $15/week

Mask & Snorkel     $3.00/day     $10/week

Fins Only     $3.00/day     $10/week

Boogie Board     $5.00/day     $20/week

Boogie Board with Fins     $7.00/day     $25/week

Snorkel Vest     $4.00/day     $15/week

Beach Chair     $4.00/day     $15/week

Floatation Belt     $4.00/day     $15/week

Optic/Corrective snorkel masks available.

Three, four, five day rates are also available.

All rates are based on a 24 hour rental period.

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Where To Shop In Kauai, Hawaii – Island Soap & Candle Works

Island Soap & Candle Works - Kauai

Island Soap & Candle Works was established in the sleepy town of Kekaha, on the west side of Kauai, in 1984. What began as a small line of handmade soaps has expanded to become a full line of natural Hawaiian Island Botanical lotions, beeswax candles, lip balms, salves and other gift items.

Over time, island visitors began making requests to come and see how the products were made. So, Island Soap & Candle Works opened a smaller version of their factory on the north shore of Kauai, in Kilauea, in 1997. This store has become a popular destination as both a charming retail gift shop and a working factory where visitors can watch soap and candles being made.

Island Soap & Candle Works - Kauai

With this success they opened a second location in Koloa on the south shore of Kauai. Finally a smaller, retail store was opened in the Princeville Shopping Center.

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Where To Shop In Kauai – Princeville Wine Market – Hawaii

Princeville Wine Market - Kauai - Hawaii

If you are wondering where to shop in Kauai for fine wines and other delicacies, there is no better place than the Princeville Wine Market.

Princeville Wine Market opened seven years ago as a boutique wine store featuring smaller production wines, specialty liquors and craft beers. The shop also offers specialty food items such as olives, crackers, gourmet cheese and chocolate! Daniel, a friend and the owner, became a Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers in 2006. He carefully curates his selection to include a variety of labels at different price points.

In contrast to the supermarket, Daniel’s staff specializes in giving helpful service to whoever walks through the door. His website states, “We are here to help and truly want to pair you with the best wine for you and your particular circumstance. If you want to just look around it is no problem. We will not accost you and make you buy a $200 bottle of wine. We know what that feels like. Our attitude is that we want you to be happy with your purchase and come back!”

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Where To Shop In Kauai – Banana Patch Studio – Kilauea, Kauai

Skot 2 - Banana Patch Studio

Are you wondering where to shop in Kauai for locally made items? It’s hard to beat Banana Patch Studio where 90% of the items they sell are made in Hawaii. Kauai artist, Joanna Carolan, started Banana Patch Studio in 1991. Initially a one-woman operation, Banana Patch Studio now employs over 20 artists, all creating unique tiles, pottery and fine art. Skot Barrelle, pictured above, will enthusiastically welcome you to the Kilauea Gallery in the Kong Lung Center. There you will find a store full of hand painted ceramics and fine art, tiles, clocks, wood signs, magnets, cards, children’s books and products from Aloha Spice Company. It’s just a ten minute drive from Honu Point!

Banana Patch Studio - Shop in Kauai

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Where To Buy Organic Groceries On Kauai – Harvest Market In Hanalei

Harvest Market In Hanalei Kauai

Many guests of Honu Point ask where to buy organic groceries on Kauai and my suggestion is always Harvest Market in Hanalei. Harvest Market Hanalei was established in September 2010 as THE source of locally grown and certified organic produce, groceries, ready to eat foods from the deli, supplements and body care products on Kauai’s north shore. The proud owner of Harvest Market Hanalei is Laura Orr, a longtime resident of Kauai. Originally from southern California, Laura made Kauai her home in the ‘80s. With over 30 years in the natural products industry, she is well known for her success in bringing organic and natural foods to the people of Kauai.

Harvest Market In Hanalei 2

So when looking for natural products or organic groceries on Kauai, head to this well organized market in Hanalei town. It is divided into eight departments:

Grab and Go

Local kombucha, energy drinks, coconut water, juices, teas, sodas, waters, sandwiches and wraps, sushi, packaged salads, salsas, chia puddings, fudge, macaroons, locally made pastries, raw food snacks.


Local organic breads, cereals and granolas, chips, popcorn and crackers, cookies and bars, salad dressings and condiments, artisan vinegars and oils, jams, honeys and nut butters, raw foods, GMO-free products, organic and natural baby foods, gluten-free everything, pastas and sauces, organic spices and culinary herbs, baking goods, fresh-ground almond or peanut butters, packaged nuts, fruits, and snack mixes, water, juice, soda, coffee, tea, milk (dairy and non-dairy), macrobiotic and ethnic foods, soups and instant meal mixes, eco-friendly household and cleaning supplies, pet food and pet care.

Chilled and Frozen Goods

Organic milks, cheese, kefir, yogurt, butter and ice cream (dairy and non-dairy), artisan cheeses, bread from wheat or gluten-free, heat & eat pizzas, entrees, fruits and veggies, poultry and grass-fed local beef.

Bulk Goods

Grains, beans, seeds, nuts, flours, cereals, granolas, baking goods, dried fruits, snacks and candies, coffee and tea.


A full range of local, organic and GMO-free fruits and vegetables, Kauai Grown bananas, mangos, avocados, papayas, and coconuts.

Harvest Market In Hanalei 3

Gourmet Cafe

Fresh organic coffee and tea, muffins and scones, tropical fruit smoothies and acai bowls, soups, veggie and pasta salads, hot and cold entrees, sandwiches and wraps, assorted fresh-baked cakes and pies.

Health and Beauty Care

Liquid and bar soaps and cleansers, hair and skin care, sunscreens, shaving and oral care, herbs, vitamins, supplements, protein drinks and bars, homeopathic remedies, cleanse kits, motion sickness items, natural make-up and nail polish, Kauai Made soaps and bath salts.

Gifts and Specialty Items

Locally made and specialty chocolates, candles, cards and postcards, soaps and bath salts, jewelry, Harvest Market Hanalei logo t-shirts, tank tops and shopping bags, gift certificates.

Harvest Market Hanalei is located at the Hanalei Center, mountain side of the road, and an eight minute drive north from Honu Point.

5-5161 Kuhio Highway, Hanalei, HI 96714
Phone 808-826-0089 • Fax: 808-826-6801

Monday through Saturday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm (Café closes at 5:00 pm)
Sunday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (Café closes at 4:00 pm)

 For more information go to http://harvestmarkethanalei.com/

Note:  Organic groceries on Kauai can also be found in a small organic section (not associated with Harvest Market) within Foodland, a full service grocery store in Princeville and another natural food store (Healthy Hut) in Kilauea.

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