Update On Kauai Road Opening (North Shore) – September 5, 2019

Kalalau Trail Kauai-Haena Park

Update as of September 5, 2019: Parking reservations may be made one month in advance. There are three time periods for parking reservations: 6:30 to 12:30, 12:30 to 5:30, and 4:30 to sunset. For each time period the cost is $5.00. If all three time periods are available, you may reserve all three for $15.00 and park from 6:30 AM to sunset. If you arrive prior to 6:30 AM, leave the parking reservation under the windshield for the parking attendant to see. The shuttle is now $15.00/person.

The road is open! There is no better way of knowing how the new regulations work than to actually drive there and that is just what my husband and I did one morning in June (we have since been back a second time). We left our house in Princeville at about 7:15 AM. We had a smooth ride, breezing through Hanalei and crossing the bridges on the north end of the bay. It was a beautiful ride as we passed the enormous amount of work that has been done over the last 15 months since the 2018 flood.

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