Kauai Food Truck – Saenz Ohana – A Hidden Gem – Hawaii

Kauai Food Truck - Saenz Ohana - Eggs Benedict
Update (October 11, 2019): From the Owners – Ok Kauai so because Breakfast has been so busy for us we are gonna stop serving Tacos for a while and start serving breakfast longer! Starting next Thursday we will be serving Breakfast and Breakfast only from 7a-1pm Thursday-Monday! We want to focus on what we do best and offer it so Breakfast is available for longer hours! So sorry again no more tacos starting today!

Looking for a Kauai food truck with outstanding breakfasts and occasional tacos? Saenz Ohana, a hidden gem on the north shore, is sure to please. You may have seen this food truck in Hanalei before, but now it is at its new location behind the Makana North Shore Urgent Care Center (in back of the police and fire station, just off the highway, past the Princeville Shopping Center on your way to Hanalei).

Saenz Ohana is owned and operated by the owners, Juan Saenz & Noelle Wong. I spoke with Juan who is very excited about his new location as it is close to where he lives with his wife and four children. He says he gets up at 4:00 each morning to start preparing fresh sauces and salsas to serve with his breakfasts and tacos. Learning his trade at the Culinary Institute, and then working for some of Kauai’s best restaurants, he loves using locally-sourced, farm fresh ingredients in his preparations and is thrilled to be serving Kauai’s north shore community.

Kauai Food Truck - Saenz Ohana

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