Best Kauai Helicopter Tour? Try Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

Kauai Helicopter Tour - Blue Hawaiian

I oftentimes get asked the question, “What is the best Kauai helicopter tour company?” I have been hesitant to answer in the past because I have not personally been on a Kauai helicopter tour since the 80s. Last week, however, a good friend of mine who owns a condo in Princeville, went on the Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tour out of the Princeville Airport and came back raving about it. “We FINALLY experienced this March 2019 – and WOW!  It is by far the BEST way to get a sense of the whole island.  It was spectacular!”

Kauai is unique in that there is no road which circles the island. Therefore 70% of the lush interior, along with the Na Pali Coast is inaccessible by car. This is, without question, the most beautiful part of the island. The tropical rain-forests, lush valleys and cascading waterfalls are what dreams are made of. Parts of the Waimea Canyon can be seem by driving to the west side of the island and up to Kokee State Park (about a two hour drive from Princeville). The 17 mile Na Pali Coast, with 3000 foot sea cliffs, is stunning by boat. However, ocean swells often keep boats from touring during winter months. A Kauai helicopter tour, on the other hand, will give you a bird’s eye view of this spectacular scenery and Blue Hawaiian Helicopters fly year-round, weather permitting of course.

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What To Do In Kauai – An Evening With Judy Collins

Judy Collins - Brad Trent

If you happen to be on island on Thursday, January 11th then why not spend an evening with Judy Collins?

Blues Bear Hawaii presents Singer-Songwriter and Folk Music Icon Judy Collins. Judy is on tour in support of her latest release “Strangers Again” a collection of duets with some of her favorite male artists, including Don Mclean, Michael McDonald, Jeff Bridges, Willie Nelson & Jackson Browne. ”These are guys that I adore & respect. I have dreamed of playing with them.”

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Another Drop Dead Gorgeous Winter Day in Princeville, Kauai

Nesting Albatross - Princeville - Kauai

Yes, today was another drop dead gorgeous winter day in Princeville, Kauai; warm temperatures, clear skies and a slight breeze. From the lush, green mountains to the white water swells I just had to share. This video was taken by me at the end of our peninsula.

And, just to add some excitement to the spender, we have at least four albatross nests within five houses of our property. One parent stays on the nest while the partner goes off for food. Then they exchange places. This continues until the chick emerges from its shell and is old enough to stay warm without them. Princeville is the only place in the world where albatross nest among people!!

Nesting Albatross - Princeville - Kauai

Nesting Albatross - Princeville - Kauai

To highlight the day, as I was wandering around taking photos, I caught two young albatross trying to “hook up” with each other. Enjoy the dance (be sure to have your volume on).

These magnificent birds stay in the neighborhood until their chicks fledge in July. They definitely add to the enjoyment of a winter or spring vacation on Kauai. Come stay at Honu Point and you, too, will be able to have this “bird’s eye” view.

For more detailed information about the Laysan albatross, see my previous blog written one month ago when I was anxiously awaiting their arrival.

What To See In Kauai – Laysan Albatross on Kaweonui Road – Princeville

Albatross On Kaweonui Road - Princeville

I can hardly wait for the Laysan albatross to arrive back on Kaweonui Road in Princeville. It should be any day now and it is SO exciting when the first one appears overhead. Every year since the late 70s the north and west shores of Kauai have been home to these amazing birds. The Laysan albatross fly south from Alaska during the month of November and arrive on island to mate and have their young.

It is an exciting time of year for our Princeville neighborhood. This is because when chicks are born on island they are tagged and named by the resident whose yard was home to the newborn. Neighbors anxiously await to see which adult birds have survived the summer and fall months. The fledglings return to where they were born after three to four years of exploring the ocean. Once back on island albatross couples build their nests in our neighbor’s front and back yards. It is here that the females lay their nine ounce eggs. In 2016 we had five eggs hatch within a block of Honu Point. The parents take turns sitting on the egg for close to two months until the chick “pips” his/her way out.

During their time off of the nest the adult birds are searching for food, socializing with others or soaring on the wind currents right in front of Honu Point. These magnificent birds have a wing span of up to seven feet and they glide without hardly flapping their wings. It is a beautiful sight. The three birds here were sitting at the foot of our driveway socializing with many others in the cul-de-sac when I took this photo.

Albatross on Kaweonui Road

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What To Do In Kauai – Hawaiian Slack Key Festival – Kauai Marriott

Slack Key Guitar Concert

If you are visiting Kauai in November and are wondering what to do, here is your chance to go to the Hawaiian Slack Key Festival and hear incredible musicians for six hours all for a $10.00 admission price!

Slack Key is a genre of guitar music that originated in Hawaii. Most slack-key tunings can be achieved by starting with a guitar in standard tuning and detuning or “slacking” one or more of the strings until the six strings form a single chord, frequently G major. Many of the musicians who will be playing at the festival are  Na Hoku Hanohano nominees and winners. The Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, occasionally called the Na Hoku Awards or Hoku Awards, are the premier music awards in Hawaii, and are Hawaii’s equivalent of the Grammy Awards.

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What To Do In Kauai – Coconut Festival – Kauai

Coconut Festival 2007 - Saturday - 1203-M

If you happen to be in Kauai on October 7th and 8th, don’t miss the 21st annual Coconut Festival in Kapa’a. You can immerse yourself in everything having to do with coconuts. There is something for everyone: entertainment (music and dance), cultural displays and experiences (coconut tree climbing), shopping (crafts and locally made products), history, games, cooking demonstrations, contests and food!

This annual festival is presented by The Kapa’a Business Association (KBA). It is the association’s most visible event, and at the heart of their mission: to promote, preserve and enhance the quality of life and business along the Royal Coconut Coast. They hope that you will take away a new respect for this most revered fruit, a greater understanding of this special area, and happy memories of a fun day.

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